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You must get rid of ‘excess baggage’ that is preventing your plane from taking off.

Clear your house, wardrobe, desk and car, of clutter and what you don’t really need.

Let it go.

Also let go of people and places that are draining your time, your peace and your energy. They are not adding value to your life.

Be very choosy from now onwards.

When you do that, you start making space for what you want.

You have released the handbrake and the car can now start moving!

You must get rid of ‘excess baggage’ that is preventing your plane from taking off.

Once you start moving, you may feel a bit apprehensive and start doubting yourself.

You may start wondering:

Am I really meant to do this?

Am I on the right track?

Am I moving too fast?

How will I handle all these new things?

Will I manage?

What will my family, workmates and friends think of me?

Will I fit in?

Don’t worry!

This is a normal experience for everyone as they move out of their usual and familiar comfort zones.

© [An excerpt from Chapter 8 of the book ‘7 Keys for Success Beyond Chance’ by James Karundu.]

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Where to buy 7 keys for success beyond chance

Where to find the book :

  • The book is available at Text Book Center – Sarit, Junction and Galleria branches.
  • I can also arrange to send/deliver to you a copy to your physical location: Simply send Ksh 700 (500 for the book + 200 for delivery) via Mpesa to 0722 625 329



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Hi James,

I trust this finds you great.

Wanted to let you know that I found your book-7 keys For Success Beyond Chance- a great read. It makes the points very clear and very simple for even young minds to understand.

You have really broken it down to a level that it can be understood by five year olds (walking the talk?).

It’s awesome and it is an ideal gift to all who would like to greatly impact minds through simple, clearly laid out and an easy to understood read.



Josephine Kirumba



Dear James

You have a realistic approach which I believe will help me move from one place to the next. I particularly liked the way you went about CHAPTER 4 especially “The law of gratitude”. It is my eye-opener.

Thank you.

LINDA Esipira

St Mary’s Sports view Academy,



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October 15, 2012 · 12:43 PM