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“I like to play with the stars” a little girl told her pastors one day when he came to visit her.

She was confined to her bed due to an illness and her bed was positioned in a way that enabled her to have a good view of the sky. She wanted it that way so that she could see the stars. “I wake up a lot at night, and can’t get back to sleep,” she told the pastor, “that’s when I play with the stars.”

Her pastor, curious about what she meant by that asked, “How do you play with the stars?”

The child answered, “I pick out one, and say that’s mommy, I see another one, and I say that’s daddy, and I keep naming them after people and things that am grateful for. My brothers and sisters, my doctors, my friends, my pet. . .” She went on and on naming things that she was grateful for. Then at last, she exclaimed, “But there just aren’t enough stars to go around!”

Now that is being grateful!

How many stars can you count?

Many people, have been doing everything right but are not achieving the success they desire. For them, one thing could be holding them back— not integrating an attitude of gratitude in their daily lives.

Are you one of them?

For all the good that is here now, practice and cultivate a culture of being grateful and thankful.

And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should do all things in gratitude.

Wallace D Wattles

Make it a habit to recognize and say thank you for all the many blessings — big ones and small ones, including people and events that inspire you.

What is even more powerful is to use gratitude by learning how to be grateful in advance — for the good that is coming to you!

We are all used to the term ‘giving back’, but now you can consider it as ‘giving forward’.

The essence of the message that gratitude and thankfulness sends out is ‘Thank you for this, Send me more’.

© [An excerpt from Chapter 4 of the book ‘7 Keys for Success Beyond Chance’ by James Karundu.]


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